Bentone - Welcome to the world of burners Bentone - Welcome to the world of burners

Welcome to the world of burners

All over the world our burners are well known for its reliability, efficiency and performance.
Bentone offers a complete range of oil- and gas burners up to 3200 kW.
Bentone BG550 – BG950 can now be equipped with Siemens burner management system LMV controls.
Bentone the world of burners

Worldwide installations

Bentone burners are installed in most heating and industrial applications worldwide.

Worldwide installations

Great history, great future

Bentone has passed many milestones. Here are some of the more important ones.

Great history, great future

B 40 MF and B 45-2 MF – Our new Multi Fuel burner models

Bentone launches the Multi Fuel burners B40 MF and B45-2 MF.
Available in versions up to 55 kg/h. B 40 MF in 1 stage version and B45-2 MF in 2 stage version. Suitable for oils with higher viscosity of both fossil and biological origin. Equipped with preheater and components suitable for corrosive oils. Quiet in operation. A soft pulsation free start. Wide adjustment range and high efficiency ensure lowest possible energy consumption.

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Our new Multi Fuel burner models

Turboflame – part of Enertech AB

In October 2010 the company Turboflame became a part of Enertech.
Turboflame design, deliver and install multi-fuel burners combined with biopower for industrial and district heating applications. Due to the long experience and extensive process knowledge Turboflame offer a complete, high quality and customer adapted solution.
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