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Environment and quality

Our burners are high-technology equipment – reliable, efficient and with a  steadily reduced environmental impact.

All burners are built to meet the highest requirements and comply with, or exceed, European  Emission Standards, as well as those of many other  countries.


Bentone conducts an ongoing environmental programme aimed at achieving environmentally sustainable business activities, developing environmentally efficient products, preventing pollution, responsible energy use and critical examination of all production parts.


Bentone burners are of course designed to meet the different standards and directives and consequently all our burners carry the CE label.
Since many years Bentone is approved according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2000. Big investments have been made in our production in order to secure a high and even quality level of our products. All employees in the company have a responsibility for our quality, why we also on a regularly basis have internal quality training for our staff.
In addition the Bentone burners are approved in accordance with different national and environmental norms.

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