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Bentone B 40A RME

9,0-29,5 kg/h (107-350kW)

Bentone B30A and B40a for RME (Rapeseed methyl ester) is a newly developed modern burner that meets the current and future environmental and economic requirements for standard burners. Fuel with an approved European standard EN 14214 FAME.

The burners can be used for traditional heating of residential buildings and real estate, both for industrial applications and mobile sites.

It's a 1 - stage burner that is built with a nozzle for ON/OFF- regulation.
This burner can handle environmental regulations and challenging oil viscosity. At the same time it has a very small or non-impact on the global warming.

The burner comes complete and is internally connected. It comes with oil lines that are resistant to RME, oil filter, flange / gaskets and maintenance instructions.

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