Bentone BG 700

You will find our larger burners operating on boilers for years all over the world and our burners are designed and manufactured for a tough environment. Lowering emissions is part of Bentones strategies and one of our goal towards a green future. Low fuel consumption combined with high degree of efficiency will decrease carbon emissions and contribute to a better future.

Capacity: 252-1650 kW

Extremely efficient burners with a low fuel
consumption combined with a high efficiency.
Our top range of burners are extremely popular
and expecially our Low NOx versions are widely
used all over Europe. Innovations for a green future
is a key figure at Bentone.

Approved according to class 4 (EN 676)

  • Energy saving
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Compatible with environmental requirements
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Approved according to EN 676
  • Available for Natural Gas, LPG and Biogas
  • Available with LMV37
  • Available according to Annex J/K
Model Art. No. Information
Bentone BG 700 M BP-S2800005780602Capacity: 380,0 - 1650,0 kW
Bentone BG 700 M BP-S2800005980601Capacity: 380,0 - 1650,0 kW
Bentone BG 700 M BP-S2800006380601Capacity: 380,0 - 1650,0 kW
Bentone BG 700 M BP-S2800006280605Capacity: 380,0 - 1650,0 kW
Bentone BG 700 M BP-S2 R316800006080604Capacity: 380,0 - 1650,0 kW
Bentone BG 700-2 BP-S2800006180611Capacity: 300,0 - 1200,0 kW
Bentone BG 700-2 BP-S2800006580602Capacity: 380,0 - 1650,0 kW
Bentone BG 700i LMV37800005580615Capacity: 380,0 - 1650,0 kW
Bentone BG 700i M LMV37800004980615Capacity: 380,0 - 1650,0 kW
Spring for regulator Art. No.:
Gas filter Art. No.:
UV-detector QRA2 Art. No.:
Pressure gauge 0-160 mbar Art. No.:
Pressure limiter GW50A6 Art. No.:
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