Bentone BG 800

You will find our larger burners operating on boilers for years all over the world and our aluminium coated housings for our burners are designed and manufactured for tough environments. Lowering emissions is part of Bentones strategies and one of our goal towards a green future. Low fuel consumption combined with high degree of efficiency will decrease carbon emissions and increse performance.

Capacity: 349-2400 kW

Extremely efficient burners with a low fuel consumption combined
with a high efficiency. Our top range of burners are extremely popular
and expecially our Low NOx versions are widely used all over Europe.
Innovations for a green future is a key figure at Bentone.

Approved according to class 3 (EN 676)

  • Energy saving
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Compatible with environmental requirements
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Approved according to EN 676
  • Available for Natural Gas, LPG and Biogas
  • Available with LMV37
  • Available according to Annex J/K
Model Art. No. Information
Bentone BG 800 M BP-S2810004481601Capacity: 380,0 - 2400,0 kW
Bentone BG 800 M BP-S2810004681601Capacity: 380,0 - 2400,0 kW
Bentone BG 800 M BP-S2810004581601Capacity: 380,0 - 2400,0 kW
Bentone BG 800 M BP-S2 R316810004781603Capacity: 380,0 - 2400,0 kW
Bentone BG 800i LMV37810004081609Capacity: 380,0 - 2400,0 kW
Spring for regulator Art. No.:
UV-detector QRA2 Art. No.:
Gas filter Art. No.:
Pressure limiter GW50A6 Art. No.:
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