Bentone Multi Fuel Oil

Bentone Multi Fuel burners are designed to operate on varios bio fuels of both fossil and biological origin including rapeseed oil (FAME) Our range of Multi Fuel burners are equipped with a preheater and includes suitable components for bio-oil.

Capacity: 6,9-55 kg/h (65-570 kW)

Bio-oil are becoming more and more popular and
Bentones Multi Fuel burners are designed and
constructed to handle bio-oils which have a higher
viscosity. The burners are approved according to
EN 267 with pure rapeseed oil, with a max viscosity
of 120 cSt at 20 °C.

  • Energy saving
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Compatible with environmental requirements
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Approved according to EN 267 and DIN 51605
  • Designed for oils with higher viscosity
Model Art. No. Information
Bentone B40 MF530004853605Capacity: 6,5-29,5 kg/h (65-300 kW)
Bentone B45-2 MF560003356602Capacity: 9,0 - 55,0 kg/h (90-550 kW)
Preheater steel Art. No.:
Flexible 1/4”Rx3/8”G 1500 3/8”G Art. No.:
Bracket, preheater Art. No.:
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