Bentone B 2

B 2 is easy to maintain and designed in line with modern requirements and is suitable for residential and commercial heating.

Capacity: 2,4-10,5 kg/h (28-125 kW)

B 2 is a modern oil burner for residential and commercial
heating applications. Designed for a modern efficient
combustion and approved according to the latest Ecodesign directive.

The environment is always in focus and Bentone has
developed the B 2 for the environment and it has a low fuel
consumption. With a capsuled air system the burner is very
quiet in operation.

Ecodesigned approved according to class 4 (ErP)

  • Energy saving
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Compatible with environmental requirements
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Approved according to EN 267
  • Quiet in operation
Model Art. No. Information
Bentone B 2 KA320002032607Capacity: 2,4-9,0 kg/h (28-105 kW)
Bentone B 2 KAV330002733607Capacity: 2,4-9,0 kg/h (28-105 kW)
Bentone B 2 KS320002132607Capacity: 3,9-10,5 kg/h (46-125 kW)
Bentone B 2 KS320002832606Capacity: 3,9-10,5 kg/h (46-125 kW)
Bentone B 2 KS LMO14320001932607Capacity: 3,9-10,5 kg/h (46-125 kW)
Bentone B 2 KSV LMO14330003533606Capacity: 3,9-10,5 kg/h (46-125kW)
Single-pole thermostat for control Art. No.:
Double-pole thermostat for operation Art. No.:
Vacuum Meter Art. No.:
Oil de-aerator OV Combi Art. No.:
Oil de-aerator T110I Art. No.:
Liquid pressure gauge Art. No.:
Oilf ilter Bentone complete Art. No.:
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