Oil Burner

All over the world our burners are well known for its reliability, efficiency and performance. As leader in our line of business we put a lot of efforts in the developing of new products that meets more stringent demands. This effort is an ongoing process. The outputs of the oil burners are based on a calorific value of 11.86 kWh/kg. For other types of gas and burner models please study the pamphlet of each burner type or contact Bentone. All our burners carry the CE-mark and are manufactured in accordance with the safety standards EN 267 for oil burners. Bentone is ISO certified.

Approved burner for industrial applications!
Bentone’s standard oil burner is approved according to standard EN 267 along with traditional hot water boilers with temperatures up to 110 °C. In addition they can be delivered approved according to the J / K Directive (Applicable in the EU and countries that comply with the same standard).

Annex J - Harmonization of the Machinery Directive:
Requirements for installation of burners in industrial applications.

EN 746-2 - Industrial process burners:
Requirements for the installation of burners on boilers for processing, refining, manufacturing and other industrial processes.

Annex K - Harmonization of the Pressure Vessel Directive:
Requirements for the installation of burners on boilers, hot water boilers and hot oil boilers with a temperature above 110 ° C.